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Majo#Gaming Rules
Terms Of Service

Forum Rules

1:1; Majo#Gaming will not allow any hacking software and/or programs that contain harmful viruses. In other words,
NO distribution of harmful software or programs that may endanger one’s computer or you will be ip banned.

1:2; If a member of Majo#Gaming is subjected to uploading any harmful programs and the witness of the member does not report it,
then the witness will be held accountable of that person and will be banned or suspended from Majo#Gaming.

1:3; Players using the forum may not release any websites that may contain malicious software and or malicious files.
The person will be banned from the forum if this occurs.

1:5; Member harassment will not be tolerated. For example (you suck, go get a life, get off this place, f you, etc), will not be tolerated and will lead to suspension of the forum or banned depending on the statement said and the abuse to the member the statement has caused.

1:6; Users asking for special privileges (becoming a moderator, receiving special membership (unless a good reason is stated) will receive a warning. If it occurs again, the user will be suspended judging on the circumstance. If you want to become a moderator, simply apply.

1:7; Users are to treat Moderators and Admin’s with respect. If the user is found to be harassing or begging a moderator or admin for anything that may be against their ability or that may just be something only “special members” have privileges for, the moderator/admin will have the authority to choose the action needed.

1:8; When uploading a program or software to the forum you MUST have a virus scan attached and it must be regarding the program being uploaded. If it is a false scan (another file was scanned instead of the file being uploaded to be released) YOU WILL BE BANNED! If it contains any harmful viruses (as stated in section 1.1) you will be BANNED.

*1:9; Spamming will not be tolerated and will be unacceptable. You will be warned and if the spamming continues to worsen, you will be either suspended or banned based on the amount of warning given. No short, low quality posts like "bump", "thanks", "haha", "nice one", this applies to Market threads as well. No posting "Good luck on sales". Be beneficial to threads.

1:9.1; Lies about being a MOD/Admin will not be tolerated an will be unacceptable. If this rule is broken in anyway it will result in an infraction or ban depending on the situation.

1:9.2; Any posts containing warez, malware or any type of phishing will result in dire consequences. Read section 3 about the infraction system and what the punishment is for any of these.

2:0; DO NOT go to another site/forum and spam/advertise Majo we do not endorse in any way from it. We gain members on our own. Not only that but it WILL 'cause more trouble for our forums/members so they'll most likely spam/advertise here. If you're caught doing so you WILL be handled accordingly. you will be banned if found out

2:1; No pornographic or explicit images in posts/threads/signatures. It's NOT allowed and NOT appropiate for a hacking community. If you're found doing so, we WILL take the proper precautions.

2:1.1 // Asking for Invitation Codes on the forum/shoutbox is not allowed. If u have a friend to join, PM a staff member or join our IRC (Channel #invites). If a member u invited gets banned, u will be flagged and not allowed to request an invitation again. //

2. Our Service

2:2; The moderators and admins of Majo#Gaming are here to help you so don’t hesitate to ask them a question or ask for help.
They are happy to help. But be warned. Moderators and admins aren’t just here to help you, they are here to keep the members of
the Majo#Gamings community safe as well as keep everyone in line. Admins and moderators will not tolerate a malicious or mischievous
person who only wants to cause damage to members.

2:3; Refer to the website via forum for any questions you have that may be answered already. Do this to not
cause further explanation. *SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK*

2:4; No cash earning and/or referal websites are allowed on this forum.
IE. No Swagbucks, Sharecash, Daily-payday, Clickslink, Urefer, Dollars for life, Integrity funding, Build referrals, Lockerz, LinkBux and so on.

*2:5; Hacks not allowed: Any Se4n's, Iamazn's ""hacks"", Noxferato's, B-Hacker's, Black Cipher.

2:6; NO advertising of your or anyone elses forum/site, doing so will be an immediate permanent ban.

3. Infraction system

3:1; Majo#Gaming Infraction System is as follows:

Please note that staff members can give you a custom infraction if they think it is necessary.

4. Agreement to Rules and Terms of Service.

4:1; You hereby agree to follow the rules and terms of service. If you break this agreement under any circumstance,
you will not be accepted here at GordonSys (in other words you are not privileged to use our hacks).

4:2; If you find anything wrong with this agreement, report it to an admin.

4:3; This agreement will be modified from time to time. So make sure to read any changes that may have been made.

4:4; Majo#Gaming accepts you. Just follow the terms of service and admin’s own personal rules and you will be fine here. Welcome!
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