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Example for an Apply

Post  iMagnez ;) on Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:18 am


1. Remember! By supporting our server, you have higher chances of becoming ad admin!
2. If we know you better, our attitude towards you will be more positive.
3. Try to wrtie continuously, in full english, with no spelling mistakes Smile
4. Suprise us with something we dont know about you!
5. What will you offer for the server?


~Age: 16+
~Minimum of 10 hours played on the server
~Culture and manners
~Being able to use sourcemod/admin command etc.
~Users applying for admin position should have no warnings on the forum!
~Being active on forum
~Regular payments for admin are now required, all of the money will be spent on our servers and forum! Your and OUR money is essentail to maintain everything how it should be! cat How to donate? - Contact Hanfst3rn for info.
~Creativity and the skill to keep the server up and running.
~Advertising our servers


Steam Id:
Will you financially help the server?:
Why should you be an admin?:
Will you help us advertise the server?:
Knowledge about sourcemod - Admin commands etc. [out of 1/8]:

Thank you!
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