Apply For Admin !!!!!

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Apply For Admin !!!!!

Post  Chris.Collins on Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:42 am

Hi I am Wanting to become a admin for Majo Surf Server ! I'm going to show tell you about me and why i want to be a admin.

My Full name is Christian Alexander James Collins but you can just call me Chris Very Happy

I am 19 Years old

My Steam id is 'STEAM_0:0:52294814' Very Happy

I have a few ideas to improve server but that is up to you if you like them or not

I want to become a admin to stop noobs on the game such as people spawn killing over and over again

I will advertise this server to lots of people on different social networking sites such as : Facebook or Habbo.

I no a few bits about the admin commands such as the punishments like kicking and banning. I will use them sensibly to stop unappropriated people using bad language to much by muting them for a small time as a warning and if they carry it on i will extend the time and if they still don't stop i will tell them to senior admins.

I go on this server very often and i no two admins called 'Daphne' + 'Feelmypain' and they recommend me to be a admin.

I think i am quite good at the server as Well Razz

Server ip : ,Just in case.

i speak smooth English as you probably no and i can speak Spanish smoothly and i am alright with french

I will be glad to donated to the server

Thank You !!!!!.



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Re: Apply For Admin !!!!!

Post  FeelMyPain on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:18 am

Thank you for apply !! i will talk about it and for me you've got an good change to be an admin ! i will let you hear as fast as i can when you will become admin

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Re: Apply For Admin !!!!!

Post  LadyDaphne on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:49 am


seriously though feel... he has had multiple chances to spawnkill me and others and hasnt done so yet... he knows more about the commands than me and he is a fun guy to play with

plus i know who the hell he is...

who's perkele?


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Re: Apply For Admin !!!!!

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