Admin Abuse

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Admin Abuse

Post  LadyDaphne on Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:07 am

1. Your nick: LadyDaphne
2. Admin being reported: Lucky Luke/Luke Skyfucker
3. Time of the incident: 24/06/12 - 15.49
4. Map on which the player was violating the rules: Surf_Buck-around
5. Detailed description of the incident:

In a recent spate of spawnkillers, everyone was told off, kicked and/or 10min bans. change of map occurs and luke starts spawnkilling everytime he jumps from top into ct spawn.. killing as he goes. I remind him of the spawnkilling rules, and he calls spawncampers fags and that killing them should be allowed as he was "just passing through".. 2nd/3rd incident i was in spawn as he came through and spawnkilled again, on a person new to the server, and newly spawned, right next to the ramp on the way out of spawn.

Normal procedures is kick then ban (least for me), as he is a higher admin than me.. i cant target him.. so i tell him off in chat.. he carries on as if he did nothing wrong, evern going as far as arguing with me and making out that i was lying, so i called him a cunt. he was acting like one.. i call everyone how acts like one a cunt.. so im not gonna stop for an admin that is abusing the rules, he argues some more.. and then he bans me for admin disrespect. so he abused his powers as an admin and of someone who should be leading by example.

I'm not saying that you should strip him of his powers, but at least most back down to probation admin, so he is targetable by other admins when he starts acting like a justifiable cunt. its double standards to tell one person off for something and then turning around and breaking the rules he imposes.

and as far as proof goes, there should be a log of who was banned and times, but before i could screencapture the conversation he banned me... so no pics or vids sorry


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Re: Admin Abuse

Post  FeelMyPain on Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:30 am

as i see and i saw the chat you were saying bad words to skyfucker and you abuse your powers so now you're admin off..

We don't want abusers of pll that don't respect the other admins.

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