Things to fix on the GG server

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Things to fix on the GG server

Post  Skyfucker on Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:33 am

I have noticed that the gungame server automatically change map after a while, even before anyone has won. I was at grenade earlier today, and suddenly the map changed, and no one won the game.

I hope you can fix that asap, so every map has to get a winner, unless enough people RTV's.

Also, when every "Round" in a map is over, activity stops, it use to be over when time runs out. Is it possible to add on more time to a round, OR make the shooting go on until there is a winner / every player on a team is dead.


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Re: Things to fix on the GG server

Post  iMagnez ;) on Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:35 am

Im not In charge of the GG server, so all we can do is wait Neutral
Anyway, thanks for info, i'll inform Hanf as fast as I can king
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Re: Things to fix on the GG server

Post  Hanfst3rn Galactica on Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:57 am


this is no real "bug".
I´m gonna explain that as good as i can:

Both "problems" you've mentioned are depending on the same reason.
Normally CSS always triggers "round end" if all people on one team are dead.
I think everybody knows that. Very Happy
To avoid this we use deathmatch which respawns players as soon as they're dead, but there are some exceptions:

Sometimes all players of a team are killed in the same second (just an average vaule) so CSS triggers "round end" because all players are actually dead and deathmatch isn´t fast enough to respawn the first player before the last one is killed = all dead.

So you see where this is ending up, it just happens by a playervaule of 2 or lower (3 players are nearly never killed in the same second), so if there are more players it won't happen anymore.

Now if this event happens and the "maptime" is already over CSS "thinks": "Ohhh maptime is over, so the running round has to be played and after that i have to change the map."
You know this from nearly every other server, for example our RPG-Server, without this map would never change. Wink

I hope you've understood it, if not ask me again.

To answer your last question:
No! This can't be fixed, because it´s a core feature of the CSS engine.


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Re: Things to fix on the GG server

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